Russia Maxim Model In Wet T-Shirt Says US Beats Homeland

Story By: Anna Guran, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

This controversial Russian Maxim babe has posted a saucy photograph of herself posing by a poolside in a wet T-shirt – while dissing her homeland after spending a month stateside.

Russian beauty Alena Vodonaeva, 37, showed off her spectacular curves in a yellow t-shirt bearing the name of the ‘A Just Russia’ party while sitting on the side of a swimming pool in the US city of Los Angeles.

She shared the shot with her army of 2.2 million followers on Instagram with a comment in which she said the lifestyles of most Russians compared unfavourably with those of Americans.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@alenavodonaeva

Alena, who starred in Russia’s biggest reality TV show Dom-2, said: “I spent more than a month in the USA, and this is not my first trip there.”

She went on to say that people in the US enjoyed a standard of living that was unimaginable to most Russians. She also criticised the “aggression” of Russian cops and the inaction of the authorities to the wildfires currently affecting Siberia.

Alena said: “Their forests are burning, the whole West is sympathetic, Leonardo DiCaprio is worried, and there is not a word of regret from our politicians. 

“And if you want to say that you don’t like something, then you will be f*cked up and arrested. That’s why we walk with angry faces at the airport… Hello Russia!”

Her comments sparked a lively debate with many users backing the celebrity, such as ‘serebrinskaya_777’ who said: “I am glad that people finally cease to be silent and learn to defend their rights!”

And ‘filatovau477’ agreed: “Not a single textbook on history will describe all this horror: how they crushed us with taxes, how they did not extinguish fires, about corruption, how they contradicted the Constitution, even in freedom of speech (for starters) nothing will happen.”

However, others questioned her knowledge of the US including ‘wedphotousa’ who said: “Alena, you have a very poor idea of ​​American reality. I understand that you have been to America many times, but as a TOURIST, if you had lived there and worked without your Russian income, your opinion would have definitely changed.”

And ‘alena26’ asked: “Why do you hate Russia so much, because not everything is so bad, there is good.”

A Just Russia formed in 2006 when three left-wing parties, Rodina, the Russian Party of Life and the Russian Pensioners’ Party, merged. It calls for a new socialism of the 21st Century.

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