Runaway Mum And 2 Sons Drown After In-Laws Fallout

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the last time a runaway mum and her two tots were seen alive after the woman left a note for her husband slamming his family’s ‘slander and accusations’ against her.

Authorities in the city of Zhangzhou in China’s eastern Fujian Province say Shi Chunmei, 28, left a suicide note before disappearing with her boys, aged three and six, on 28th April.

Some 160 volunteers were part of the search effort, which included the use of aerial drones, and which concluded on 1st May when their bodies were found in different sections of the Jiulong River.

According to reports, the six-year-old was found first, followed by his mum and younger brother.

The police had also discovered CCTV images showing the last time Shi and her two sons were seen alive. The trio can be seen walking away along a bridge.

Shi and her husband, Huang, are said to have had a good relationship, but the spouse has revealed the toxic arguments she had with her in-laws.

“They had lots of arguments over different everyday matters, but they never clashed over anything major,” Huang said.

Shi’s note, however, paints a different picture, revealing a deep resentment for her in-laws and, at times, her husband too.

It read: “To my husband: I love you, but you shouldn’t have tolerated your parents’ slander and accusations towards me, forcing me to bear it all on my own.

“I’m sorry to have taken away your two beloved sons.”

Local authorities have yet to confirm the trio’s exact cause of death, with the tragic incident still under investigation.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire