Ronaldo Told He Should Have Bought Man City Not Real

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor:  Conor Sheils, Agency: Golder’s News And Sport

Picture Credit: Golders/@ronaldo

Brazilian legend Ronaldo has been told if he “did not want to suffer he should have bought Manchester City” instead of Real Valladolid by the club’s former president.

The warning came from the Carlos Suarez Sureda during a press conference on Monday.

He is stepping down from Real Valladolid’s presidency after he sold his stock to the former Real Madrid striker for a reported 30 million EUR (27.49 million GBP) last year.

Despite having “juicier offers”, the former president says he is glad he sold his stock to Ronaldo because he will be “very good” for the club.

Picture Credit: Golders/@ronaldo

He went to say: “The arrival of Ronaldo Nazario is going to bring many joys because he learns very fast and he is surrounded by professionals which are going to put Real Valladolid where it deserves to be.”

Suarez also took the opportunity to warn Ronaldo. He said: “If he did not want to suffer, he should have bought Manchester City”. 

The two reportedly have a very good relationship. Local media report Ronaldo asked Suarez to stay on as an “honorary president”.

Suarez called the offer “a gift” for being able to continue to “help like any other employee of the club” and still “suffers” with the team “as Ronaldo is doing now”.

Picture Credit: Golders/@ronaldo

Suarez also thanked his “wonderful staff” including the players and managers of the team which currently has 20,000 members.

He took the top position after he was appointed by the team’s stockholders in 2001 and Ronaldo’s purchase of the club put an end to his 18-year tenure.

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