ROCKY ROAD: Hiker Trapped By Fridge-Sized Boulder

This is the moment mountain rescue experts airlift a hiker who became trapped under a refrigerator-sized boulder.

Victim Ben Delahunty, 28, had been hiking with a partner near Lake Viviane, Washington State, USA, when a huge rock fell on him pinning his wrist and both legs.

His friend immediately called emergency services and explained they were unable to move the rock that he said was as big as a refrigerator, according to police reports.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office that said: “The Location of Mr Delahunty was a several-hour hike from the trailhead and the scenario presented a unique challenge of getting equipment capable of moving a boulder as well as rescuers on scene in a timely manner.

“A call was made to State Emergency Management to request a hoist-capable helicopter. Local fire agencies were also contacted for equipment to move the boulder.”

In the footage obtained by Newsflash, rescuers can be seen successfully strapping Delahunty to a rope before safely pulling him into the helicopter.

Crew rescue a hiker in Washington, the USA on Monday, Oct.10, 2022. (Wenatchee Valley Firefighters, Local 453/Newsflash)

This came after several failed attempts to hoist him up that were made extremely difficult by the increasingly strong winds in the area.

Rescuers from Cascade Ambulance, Chelan County Mountain Rescue, Wenatchee Valley Fire Department, and Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team were all inserted to complete the rescue, the statement said.

Additional equipment was provided by Chelan County Fire District 3.

Delahunty was later transported to Central Washington Hospital, where it was reportedly found that he had suffered significant injuries to his leg but is expected to recover.