Road Rage Lorry Pushes VW Saloon Sideways For 1,000ft

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This footage shows a tipper lorry pushing a Volkswagen saloon sideways down a busy road in a suspected road rage incident.

Authorities in Huangpi District in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province in Central China, said the lorry driver was likely unable to stop due to the wet road surface – but could not explain why the vehicle continued for some 1,000 feet.

Footage taken by witnesses on 17th June shows the black VW saloon stuck in front of the large tipper lorry as it is pushed sideways along a crowded Panlong Road.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

According to reports, the crash happened after the saloon attempted to merge in front of the lorry on the rainy day, with the heavy goods vehicle then pushing it along into traffic.

In the video which shows the two vehicles finally stopped at the junction of Panlong Road and Junlong Road, the furious saloon driver can be seen berating the lorry owner, who appears to shrug it off.

The VW’s wheels are deflated and the rims have been ground down due to being pushed along the asphalt, the video shows.

Authorities said the two drivers, who are both surnamed Liu but no related to one another, are being investigated.

The VW driver, aged 56, suffered minor head injuries, while the lorry owner, aged 51, was not harmed.

Huangpi District police said preliminary findings show the VW driver tried to cut in front of the lorry but skidded in the rain.

After the lorry crashed into the saloon, it was then unable to stop due to the wet road surface, their initial findings showed.

However, the authorities have not been able to explain why it took the lorry driver 1,000 feet to stop.

They have not commented on reports suggesting the incident was the result of road rage.

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