Road-Rage Driver Teaching Rival A Lesson Gets A Beating

Story By: Anna Casap, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@KyivOperativ

This is a moment an angry driver gets out of his car to teach another motorist a lesson for trying to travel down the hard shoulder and gets beaten up himself instead.

The incident, which took place on the Borispol motorway, in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, happened when traffic was almost at a standstill and one motorist decided to try to take a shortcut by using the hard shoulder.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@KyivOperativ

This angered the driver travelling in a silver coloured Toyota behind the cheeky motorist in a Hyundai, who had been using the hard shoulder. When the Hyundai finds that the hard shoulder is starting to come to an end because it is blocked by a broken down car, he tries to pull in.

In the confrontation that follows, it appears as if both cars touch each other slightly, and then the Toyota driver gets out to have a word with his rival.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@KyivOperativ

But before the conversation can even start, the Hyundai driver starts pushing his opponent, and then fists fly that result in the Toyota driver in the striped top being knocked to the ground and beaten.

Online commentators were divided over who was to blame.

‘Yulia Vlasova’ commented: “It can be clearly seen that the self-appointed teacher was to blame for the trouble because he drove his car into the other. The other driver clearly moves away to the right to avoid problems.”

But others like ‘Pavel Galaziuc’ added: “The Toyota driver did the right thing. In his place I would also take legal action about being beaten up, which would have taught the other person a lesson for a lifetime.”

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