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Road Rage Cabbie Smashes Bus Glass Door

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment an enraged cabbie smashes the glass door of a public bus and threatens the bus driver in a road rage incident.

The startling scenes were filmed by bus driver Lucas on line 24 in the neighbourhood of Caballito, in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

The bus driver says the incident took place when he wanted to overtake the taxi.

Picture Credit:CEN

He said: “The taxi was vacant and going slow but when I honked my horn to overtake, he sped up, not letting me do it.

“I let him drive ahead in order not to hit the car. I moved on but he started attacking me. He crossed a red light to follow me. He got to the bus stop and I noticed it was him. I closed the door in order not to let him inside.”

The bus driver added: “I got to the next bus stop and passengers wanted to get off. I tried to stop but he came from the right and hit the bus, telling me to get out, saying I should fight him.

“I decided to film him and then he started to attack the bus.”

In the video, the unnamed taxi driver can be seen kicking in the glass door of the bus which shatters.

The bus driver can be heard saying “break it, break everything you want”.

The cabbie hurls abuse at the bus driver, telling him to “get out you f*cking coward”.

The bus driver said he could not get off the bus during an incident of aggression.

The incident ended when a bus passenger and an onlooker walked the cabbie back to his vehicle.
It is unclear if the incident has been reported to the police or if the taxi driver is being investigated.

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