Rivaldo Says Solari Not Ready For Madrid And Backs Conte

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Story By:  Alex Cope, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Golders News & Sport Ltd.


Barcelona legend Rivaldo has said Santiago Solari “is not ready” to be Real Madrid’s head coach and said Antonio Conte could be a good option as he would bring “discipline” to the team.

Brazilian legend Rivaldo was speaking to reporters at an event organised by betting company Betfair.

Speaking about Solari’s appointment as Real Madrid’s interim coach, Rivaldo said: “He will only stay for one or two matches until Real Madrid reach an agreement with a new coach.

“For now he is a good option as he knows the club and the players, be that as it may I don’t think he will stay for long as he isn’t ready yet. Despite being in the same situation as Zidane I don’t expect him to make the same successful transition.”

Both Zidane and Solari were coaches of Real Madrid’s second team, named Real Madrid Castilla, before being appointed as the coach of the first team after the previous coach’s dismissal.

When asked about a new coach, Rivaldo said: “Conte is an experienced coach who could be a good option for Real Madrid. Bringing in a coach with discipline could be useful now as the players have perhaps relaxed too much after the last few successful seasons.

“We can conclude that Lopetegui made a mistake when he decided to sign for Real Madrid, leaving the Spanish national team as a consequence and four months later ending up unemployed. I hope he can recover and do a good job in his next project.”