RISE AND SHRINE: Killer Kept Partner’s Body In Room And Thought She Would Be Resurrected

A man suspected of murdering a woman kept her body in his bedroom for three days claiming he thought she would be resurrected.

The 54-year-old unidentified man has been arrested during an investigation into the death of his partner, Matia Nazare, 59.

Nazare’s decomposed body was found three days after her death in a Brazilian boarding house in June.

The unidentified suspect, 54, led away by police, in undated photo. He is supected for murdering his 59-year-old companion and hiding her body for three days in the bedroom of the house he lived in, in Blumenau, Brazil, in June, 2022. (Policia Civil/Newsflash)

The suspect had tipped off her family where to find her remains at the boarding house.

His arrest took place three months later in Blumenau, Santa Cararina state, southern Brazil on 6th September, according to local media.

The suspect allegedly claimed to have not reported the body at the time of Nazarre’s death as he thought she might be resurrected.

The couple had been dating for close to five years, according to Civil Police.

Nazare’s body was then buried as the exact cause of her death could not be pinpointed and was eventually chalked down to natural causes.

The case appeared to be closed but was reopened when information regarding a newly attempted murder was brought to the attention of the Police Precinct for the Protection of Women in Blumenau.

The 54-year-old suspect reportedly tried to stab Nazare’s mother to death after breaking into her house a month after his partner’s death.

The suspect is also being investigated for embezzlement following claims that he drugged an elderly woman and stole her money, along with cell phone, a bicycle and a watch before fleeing her house, according to local media reports.