Revellers Use Chairs And Bike Helmets To Hit Each Other During Giant Brawl At Outdoor Event

This is the moment a giant brawl breaks out at an outdoor event in Brazil and revellers use chairs and motorcycle helmets to batter each other.

The incident took place during a party in the neighbourhood of Joao Paulo II in the city of Juazeiro located in the Brazilian state of Bahia on 31st October.

According to the news site G1, a fight broke out for reasons unknown during the event, which led to gunshots being fired, sparking confusion and chaos among revellers.

Fight interrupt show in Juazeiro, Bahia in Brazil. (CEN)

The footage shows the fight breaking out after the live band interrupted the show due to disturbances in the crowd.

In the second video, shots are heard in the background as partygoers file out of the venue.

The local police confirmed that they received reports of shots being fired at the event. They investigated the matter, however they were unable to identify any suspected gunmen or those involved in the brawl.

Fight interrupt show in Juazeiro, Bahia in Brazil. (CEN)

The city authorities said the event was private and fully authorised after fulfilling all necessary health requirements under state law, adding that all security protocols were the responsibility of the organisers.

According to the news site Metro 1, singer Thiago Aquino, whose songs have millions of views on YouTube, performed at the event. Reports did not say how many people were in attendance.

No arrests were made at the scene and it is unclear if the police are continuing to investigate the incident.