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Retaining Wall Collapses At A Brazilian Construction Site

This is the shocking moment a retaining wall used for stabilising slopes can be seen collapsing in a construction area.

The incident occurred at the Townhouse complex SQN 215 in the Brazilian capital Brasilia yesterday (SUN).

The incident was reported by the scared nearby residents who felt tremors in the morning.


Shortly After the Fire Department arrived at the scene.

There, the rescue team found a large amount of displaced land due to the rupture of the retaining wall.

According to the Fire Department, no construction workers were present during the crash and no one was injured.

The location was isolated and the Civil Defense was called in for evaluation of the damage.

Energy Company of Brasilia and Federal District Environmental Sanitation Company were also present.

Local media report that part of the area had their power cut off.

There are no reports on what could have caused this accident.

Michael Leidig

Journalist, Author, Film Maker, Editor.