Restaurant Closed After Workers Prepare Meat On Floor

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@3yoonUAE22

A restaurant has been closed after kitchen workers were filmed preparing frozen chickens from a large pile strewn across the floor.

The incident was filmed in the northernmost emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ras Al Khaimah, and the footage was uploaded to social media.

In the video, two men are seen squatting on the notably-dirty floor among a pile of frozen chickens that they are unwrapping and placing into a large pot.

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Picture Credits: CEN

Some of the frozen chickens are unpackaged and the kitchen workers, despite wearing catering hair nets, use their bare hands to prepare the meat strewn across the floor.

According to reports, the local authorities launched an investigation after the video was widely circulated online and showed restaurant workers carrying out unhygienic practices in the kitchen.

Ras Al Khaimah authorities received an official complaint and called for the establishment’s temporary closure along with a fine, according to local media.

An official spokesperson said: “The food outlet shall remain closed until the fine is paid and the violations are rectified.”

Meanwhile, the owner has been told that any further offences would lead to a much larger fine and could possibly result in the permanent closure of the restaurant.