REPEAT OFFENDER: Man Arrested For Stabbing Tied-Up Girlfriend 38 Times

A man in Florida has been arrested for tying up his girlfriend and stabbing her repeatedly 38 times.

Photo shows Michael Douglas, 53, undated photo. He was arrested for allegedly killing a woman in North Port, Florida, U. S. A., on Sept. 26, 2022. (@NorthPortPD/Newsflash)

The suspect has been named as Michael Douglas, 53, of Port Charlotte, in the US state of Florida, and he was arrested last week after the victim, who has not been named, was found dead on 26th September.

The pair had reportedly been in the process of buying a house together, according to the police.

The police, who described the murder scene as “gruesome”, said that dashcam footage from an off-duty officer reportedly shows that Douglas’ grey Jeep Grand Cherokee was parked down the street from the victim’s home at about 7:30pm on the day that she was murdered.

Police reportedly used a sexual assault kit by examining the victim and found that the suspect DNA was present in the victim’s body.

Newsflash obtained a statement from North Port Police Department dated Friday, 9th December and saying: “While the City of North Port braced for Hurricane Ian, the North Port Police Department was called to investigate an apparent homicide on Sept. 26 in the 3000 block of South Haberland Boulevard.

Photo shows an illustrative image of North Port, undated photo. North Port is a city located in Sarasota County, Florida, United States. (Newsflash)

“Once on site, officers found a gruesome scene, with the victim bound and stabbed multiple times. After months of investigating, 53-year-old Michael Douglas of Port Charlotte has been arrested on charges of First Degree Premeditated Murder.”

The police added: “Douglas had been pursuing a romantic relationship with the victim. While Douglas was a person of interest, additional video, forensic, and DNA evidence was used to determine that he is in fact the killer.”

The statement quotes North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison as saying: “It is due to hard work and dedication from our agency, which will help our victim’s family find some sort of justice for this senseless and heinous crime.”

The statement added: “We would like to thank FDLE for their help in processing and expediting vital DNA evidence and support in this case.

“Douglas has now been booked into the Sarasota County Jail.”

The investigation is ongoing.