Real Madrid Accused Of Making Staff Wee In Cans

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

Real Madrid’s own security staff have reported the club to the authorities complaining about working conditions and saying they are forced to share space with the players’ dogs with no drinking water and urinate in cans.

The employees who made the accusations work for the multinational Prosegur Compania de Seguridad S.A., which is also known as Prosegur, which is based in the Spanish capital Madrid, and which is contracted by Real Madrid to provide security for the players, in the stadium and at home.

The Worker’s General Union (UGT) reported Real Madrid to the Regional Institute of Health and Security in the Workplace from the Economy, Work and Finance Council of Madrid after they received several accusations from employees.

UGT spokesperson Angel Garcia told media: “There are no security checkpoints. Moreover, they have no drinking water and must remain standing with no roof in a garden day and night, in some cases, sharing space with the players’ dogs.”

Garcia was referring to the fact that security employees guard both the club facilities as well as the players’ homes.

Local media report staff have had to urinate in tin cans as they were not provided with bathrooms in the more extreme cases.

Garcia also criticised the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium saying: “Staff do not have an appropriate area to change clothes as they have to pile all of their clothes in a small room.”

In their defence, Prosegur issued a statement saying: “The company has appropriated the working spaces (the private homes of the players) to the standards set for risk prevention at the workplace which as of today is still totally implemented.”

No statements have been reported by the club or by players. It is unclear what sanctions Real Madrid may suffer if the accusations are found to be true or which player’s homes the accusations come from.

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