Rapper Sparks Anger With Half-Hearted Dog Fight Apology

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash


The Russian rapper who filmed his German Shepherd attacking another pooch while egging it on has sparked anger again by only apologising for recording the dog fight.

The incident was filmed by Aleksei Dolmatov, better known by the stage name Guf, a popular Russian rap artist and co-founder of the hip hop group Centr, who has reportedly worked with big names such as Timati.

In the footage, the rap star, who boasts nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, is seen walking his German Shepherd named Gucci along a footpath before encountering two other dogs off their leads.

As he was live streaming the video, the rap star asks his army of fans whether he should allow his dog to fight the others.

He then appears to allow his German Shepherd to attack one of the other dogs while proudly shouting in English “that’s my dog, that’s my dog, welcome to my house”.

The dogs fight for around two minutes before the video cuts and the other pet owners arrive on the scene.

The couple pull their dog away as the rapper asks them why their animals were off their leads in public.

The owners say that the dogs escaped from their home and they did not notice right away.

After the video was posted online, netizens slammed the rapper for his actions and members of the animal rights group Zoopravo threatened to report the incident to the authorities.

A spokesperson for the NGO said: “We are filing a complaint against Aleksei and we urge the local authorities to launch an investigation and open criminal proceedings against this ‘star’.”

Following the incident, Guf issued an apology, but apparently only for filming the dog fight.

He said: “I only feel sorry for shooting this on camera.”

The rapper went on to say that never wishes harm on any animals and everyone who knows him is aware that he loves dogs and always keeps them in his house.

Despite the half-apology, netizens have continued to criticise the hip hop star.

‘Lil18’ said: “Is this is a genius confession, ‘sorry for filming this’? Let’s all applaud this junkie!”

Another netizen said: “This dude does not understand what he did. I hope one day he pays for his actions.”

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