Raging Bull Escapes Owner And Knocks Woman Off Moped

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a raging bull which had just escaped after being sold to a new owner charges at a woman and knocks her off her moped.

The incident was captured by residents in the county of Taihe, which is in Anhui Province in East China, on 28th August.

Pictures Credit:AsiaWire

According to reports, the bull had just been sold by its owner, but it went into an uncontrollable rage while being handed over to the buyer.

Members of the local fire service were able to grab the animal’s rope halter and return it to its owners, but it escaped a second time after seeing its new master.

Pictures Credit:AsiaWire

Video from the county’s main thoroughfare shows the bull standing by the side of the road when the woman on her electric moped tries to sneak past it.

The animal immediately notices the woman’s vehicle and charges at her, knocking the moped over and causing the woman to fall to the ground.

Pictures Credit:AsiaWire

Fortunately, the bull appears to be more attracted to the moped and goes for it with its horns as the woman makes a desperate escape on foot, sprinting in the opposite direction.

The authorities said the woman and others injured while trying to catch the bull were taken to hospital for treatment, but none is believed to have been seriously harmed.

Video taken minutes later shows an officer forced to gun down the uncontrollable bull by firing a single shot at the animal from his sidearm, with the bullet reportedly killing the animal.

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