Queen Of Crime Goes On Run In Disguise As Another Tinder Victim Comes Forward

Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A one-woman crime wave who even managed to rob a man she met on Tinder despite serving time in an open jail has radically changed her appearance in order to escape cops after going on the run.

The elusive Maria Angelica Macedo da Silva, 29, dubbed the ‘Queen of Crime’, sometimes works with her gang and sometimes on her own, and attracted international headlines with her latest robbery of a Tinder date who feared he was going to die and only escaped when he jumped out of the moving car.

But the man was just the latest in a number of victims that saw her jailed in the Brazilian municipality of Sao Carlos in 2018.

Policia Civil/Newsflash

She has since captured the public imagination with her flaunting of her lavish lifestyle allegedly on the profits of crime, but it is also helped track down her victims who were able to recognise her from the postings.

A picture of her that was shared online recently prompted at least one other to come forward, and say that he had also been robbed by her, again at the time that she would have been in an open prison on 4 January this year.

But as cops acting on a court order moved to rearrest her, she vanished, going on the run with a completely new look that involved shaving off her long dark locks, and replacing it with short blond hair as can be seen in this picture.

Policia Civil/Newsflash

The man who was her Tinder date in the first robbery ended up hospitalised after she stabbed him during the crime, after demanding he stop to pick up her two accomplices who helped to relieve him of his wallet and phone.

He fears he would have died had he not managed to jump out of the car as they were driving to another location.

Since the images of her with her long dark hair were published, another man aged 39 has come forward to say that he was also lured into a Tinder date with her, and then stabbed with a knife in the arm while waiting on the street before being robbed.


She apparently escaped with just BRL 100 (GBP 13), documents, and a bank card belonging to the victim. On this occasion, she acted alone.

Police came to be seen to be tackling serious crime has so far carried out two raids but every time she had vanished by the time they closed in.

Her arrest and imprisonment previously was for masterminding 15 robberies on private properties and her subsequent flaunting of her luxury lifestyle on social media.


She was serving in an open prison sentence for a robbery she was convicted for in 2018 when her latest suspected crimes were committed.

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