Quarantined Woman In China Begs For Help For Sick Hubby

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This harrowing footage reported to show a desperate wife whose husband is dying from coronavirus begging for help is the latest image illustrating claims that Chinese residents are being combined at home in quarantined areas.

Reports claim that there are people who are confined in Wuhan who are deprived of food and other basic necessities including medical aid where they are simply being “left to die”.

Shocking footage uploaded a few days ago on social media shows masked men with heavy equipment sealing up the doors of people in homes where the virus is supposed to have broken out.

Now this new footage has turned up on social media that claims to show a wife on the balcony of her home. She can be heard saying: “Help! My husband is dying! Somebody come, I don’t know what to do. I’m desperate, I don’t want to bother you but help me please!”


The problem with treating the growing number of sick was highlighted this week by the fact that hundreds of medics have themselves become infected, with officials refusing to reveal the official statistics but reliable sources indicating it was at least 500.

This is reducing medical facilities ability to treat people suffering from a virus, despite the setting up of emergency hospitals in public buildings and even building entire new temporary hospitals with hundreds of beds in less than a week.

The fact that China has tough censorship laws has meant many people taken to social media to gather information where for example the footage of the doors being boarded up or the woman on the balcony have been circulating.

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