Putins Spin Drs Daughter: Russians Rude And Uneducated

Story ByGheorghi Caraseni, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

The daughter of President Putin’s press secretary has called Russian people “rude” and “uneducated” during a video blog.

Online blogger Elizaveta Peskova, 21, the daughter of 52-year-old Dmitry Peskov, said: “The problem with Russian people lies in their lack of education, which appears rude and disrespectful to others.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@lisa_peskova

“Of course, every nation has good and bad citizens, but you often notice rudeness and a complete lack of education among Russians.”

According to the pretty blogger, who is the daughter of President Putin’s press secretary, many people in Russia consider good education to only be reserved for wealthy or privileged families.

As an example, Peskova, who has lived in the French capital Paris for seven years, said that her Russian neighbours frequently held rowdy parties despite a cut-off time of 10pm during the week and midnight on weekends.

Whenever she complained about the noise, she said she was insulted by her compatriots.

Picture Credit: CEN/@lisa_peskova

Netizens had a lot to say about Peskova’s controversial comments, with ‘SamoshinVladislav’ commenting: “Here we have the future deputy of the United Russia political party. She has everything that is needed, rudeness, a small mind and several stolen properties. Nothing else is needed! They are waiting for you in the State Duma!”

‘Denisarch’ said: “What a vile generalisation that is offensive to all Russians. She should remember the levels of violence during the French Yellow Vest protests and compare them with the peaceful demonstrations we see in Russia before stating whose culture is superior.”

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