Puppy Brain Damaged After Religious Fireworks Display

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A distraught dog owner has claimed that the town’s fireworks display left her little puppy brain damaged and unable to walk.

Maria Fernanda Carranza said on Facebook that her young dog has been diagnosed with brain damage following the festival of Santa Cecilia de Tonala in the city of Tonala located in the western Mexican state of Jalisco.

She posted a photo of her dog with the message: “Today, my dog was diagnosed with brain damage caused by the fireworks.

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“My baby cannot walk, open his mouth, hold his head up and he is convulsing. Nobody is responsible for it. I hope all ‘good Catholics’ are aware of the pain experienced by other people and animals for your festival parties.

“I hope the Tonala City Council and Jalisco government will take note of the situation as this is a state and national problem.”

The photo shows Carranza’s dog lying on a towel with the written diagnosis by its feet.

Her Facebook post went viral with 40,000 ‘reactions’ and 30,000 ‘shares’.

Netizen ‘Fabyru Martinez Ramirez’ commented: “The authorities should ban fireworks, there other ways of holding parties and celebrations. I hate it when the noise forces my dogs to hide and I have to turn up the TV to cover the sound of the fireworks.”

‘Gerardo Casillas Castellanos’ said: “It is true, I had a puppy that died when a religious procession used fireworks on the street.”

‘Sonny Xp’ wrote: “The brain damage could be caused by stress.”

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