Professor Crashes Into Pedestrians After Mixing Pedals

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the shocking moment a university professor reverses into a group of pedestrians and then crashes into a lorry after apparently mixing up the pedals in his Jeep.

The accident took place in the district of Uskudar in the province of Istanbul in Turkey, when the fine arts professor, identified as 73-year-old Zeki Findikoglu, was trying to park his Jeep.

The video caught on CCTV shows the white vehicle reversing and smashing into around four individuals, before crashing into a parked lorry in front of him.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The professor reportedly panicked after the first crash and then drove forward, ramming his car into the lorry.

He apparently caused the accident by mixing the brake with the accelerator.

The victims were rushed to a nearby hospital.

Two pedestrians were injured, one seriously, and the professor was diagnosed with a broken rib. 

A local shopkeeper who witnessed the accident said: “The car was going backwards while trying to park. Then it crashed into around five or six people who were walking on the pavement, before crashing into a parked lorry.” 

The police investigation is ongoing. 

Findikoglu, who is a well-known professor, has exhibited his paintings in the United States, Europe and Asia. 

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