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Professional Kickboxer Holds Down Burglar At His Home

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

Video Credit: Golders/@erica.martinez.5454

This is the moment a topless professional kickboxer holds an alleged burglar down after catching the suspected thief and an accomplice in his home.

The attempted robbery occurred in the San Cayetano neighbourhood located in the city of Campana in the Buenos Aires province in Argentina on Friday 22nd November.

The reportedly professional kickboxer, who has not been identified in reports, spoke with local media and said one of the men “threatened me with a weapon” after he found the two men “taking a television” while he “was sleeping”.


Local media report the kickboxer was able to stop the men from stealing any of his belongings and even subdued one and held him in a chokehold until local police arrived.

A video posted on social media shows the moment the topless kickboxer holds down one of the suspects down as people can be heard asking for the other suspect’s identity saying “where is that other guy that was with you” and “who was that guy with you”.

The young man answers in a seemingly confused state saying “my uncle” and “the house around the corner”.

The caption for the video read: “Son of a b*tch entered my house. We are going to find the guy that was with him whoever he was.

“Everybody should know these rats are stealing. This one is going to stay inside, the other one is running around the neighbourhood.

“Be careful, share and let’s protect our neighbourhood from these rats. Thank God my children were not here.”

It is unclear if there is an open investigation or if there have been any charges against the alleged burglar.

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