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Pretty TV Celeb Beaten In Face By Road Rage Romanian Woman Driver

Story By: Sergiu NazaruSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

A pretty Romanian TV presenter has been left with horrific facial injuries after she was attacked by a road rage woman driver when she complained about the woman parking badly and blocking an entrance.

Cristina Joia, 43, is an interior designer and stars on the ‘Visuri la Cheie’ programme on local Tv channel Pro TV.

She was beaten after complaining that the woman had blocked the pedestrian crossing and the store parking lot on Calea Serban Voda street in Romania’s capital city Bucharest.


According to a police statement, the incident happened around 5pm on Saturday last week (7 November).

The police confirmed responding to an emergency call over the incident.

Ovidiu Oanta, a journalist at the same TV station, said: “She hit her in the face with a hard object crushing her nose and causing a wound of a few centimetres.


“Cristina was bleeding heavily and almost fainted when being transported to Bagdasar Arseni Hospital, where she underwent surgery.”

In an interview from the hospital for Pro TV where she works, Cristina said: “I called the ambulance myself, while a gentleman called the police. I arrived at the hospital and underwent emergency surgery because my nasal pyramid was broken. Now I am still in the hospital, taking painkillers and waiting for the doctors to tell me that everything is fine. I still can’t believe what happened to me, but I recovered from the shock.”

Cristina said she was going to the store when she spoke to the woman about the badly parked car. The lady driver was abusive in her reply. The TV presenter then walked away and into the store and left her cursing. She started shopping and the next thing she knew she was hit in the face.


She said: “It was incredibly violent, at that moment I didn’t realize she had something sharp in her hand and I fell. I lost a lot of blood, people around me were looking. Meanwhile, she ran away.”

She later posted on social media that police had identified the aggressor with the help of the images captured by the surveillance cameras, but they did not take any action because they were waiting for the TV presenter to get out of the hospital to file a criminal complaint.

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