Pretty Teen Mum Dies After Birth Due To Staff Shortage

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This is the pretty teenage mum who bled to death after giving birth because she could not have the cesarean she had asked for as there was no anaesthetist at the hospital.

The heartbreaking incident occurred in Sao Luiz Hospital in the town of Boituva in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo when 18-year-old Ana Paula Saqui de Paula was giving birth to her daughter Estella.

Local media report the teenager’s family say she had gone to the hospital with her boyfriend Igor Aparecido Periera, 18, after her waters broke only to be given some medicine to calm her pain.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/Ana Martins & CEN/@igor.aparecido.9828

A police report filed by her family says doctors told Paula she could stay in the waiting room of the hospital or go home and return in the morning when she was more dilated and the birth could be carried out.

Her family say she went home and returned to the hospital the following day when she asked for a caesarean.

The doctors reportedly said that as the anaesthetist was not due to arrive at the hospital for another four hours they would have to carry out a normal birth with the help of forceps.

Baby girl Estella was born and Paula was taken to a bedroom when she reportedly began suffering haemorrhages.

She was taken to a hospital in Sorocaba but she died before she could be admitted into a unit.

Her boyfriend told reporters: “The family were shocked but they have to be strong for Estella. I’m with her now at home and she is fine, thanks to God. Everybody is helping, even my friends. Everybody is sad at what happened.

“Now that she (Estella) has been discharged, everybody is going to work together to look after her. She is going t stay a bit with me and a bit with her grandmother. I’m happy she has been discharged, we are going to really look after her and give her lots of love and affection.”

A police investigation has been launched and the Ethics Commission of the Sao Luiz Hospital are also investigating the case. The Secretary of Health for Boituva, Elcio Sena, said he would wait until both investigations were finished before any actions were taken.

Ana Lacasa

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