Pretty Surgeon Saves Teen Beauty Pageant Hopefuls Life

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This pretty surgeon has been praised after resuscitating a 13-year-old girl whose heart stopped after falling from a beauty pageant stage.

Surgeon Lilya Bayramova from the city of Sevastopol located in the south-eastern of the Crimean Peninsula was attending the rehearsal of a local beauty pageant when the incident occurred.

Picture Credit: CEN

Local media report a 13-year-old girl, whose name has not been reported, became unconscious during rehearsals and fell two metres from the stage.

The girl’s heart reportedly stopped beating as a result of the fall and Bayramova rushed to help her. The surgeon managed to resuscitate the teenager and told local media that the heart had stopped due to a lot of stress, pain shock and brain concussion.

Picture Credit: CEN

Bayramova called an ambulance and stayed with the girl until it had arrived.

She told reporters: “All the onlookers were so terrified by what had happened that everybody’s hands were shaking. Nobody could dial the number.”

She was talking to the girl, who had temporarily lost her vision, trying to calm her down.

Picture Credit: CEN

The surgeon added: “The girl was in a lot of pain and she had lost consciousness for a while. It took the ambulance seven to ten minutes to arrive but in that time the girl became very dear to me.”

Bayramova plans on visiting the teen in hospital and says that she is very happy that the girl is alive.

Netizen ‘Maks’ said: “What a great woman.”

Another guest user of a local Internet forum said: “Wishing this wonderful lady happiness and good health.”

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