Pretty Nurse Has Leg Reattach After Crash Ripped It Off

Story By: Ana Marjanovic, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Doctors have successfully reattached the leg of a pretty 24-year-old army nurse whose limb was ripped off at the thigh in a traffic accident.

The successful 11-hour operation was carried out at the Sisters of Charity Hospital in the northern Croatian capital Zagreb after army medic Martina Dir was involved in a car accident at the end of August.

According to reports, her leg was ripped off at the thigh in the accident and rolled onto the road where was contaminated with glass shards, plastic and dirt.

Pictures Credit:CEN

The limb was reportedly kept in cryogenic conditions for 10 days until it was sufficiently cleaned and repaired ready for reattachment by a team of 15 experts.

Dr Vidovic told local media: “The operation lasted just over 11 hours and involved many specialists. We all got through the procedure on adrenaline and no one suffered fatigue, we just concentrated on our goal.”

Martina said: “I am a fighter because I am in the army and have taken part in tough training programmes that have given me a lot of strength.

“I must admit, I sometimes have a bad day where I cry, but then I am fine again. I’m tired of hospital rooms and lounges, sometimes I just want to go out and have a coffee.”

The young nurse will enter rehabilitation in the next couple of weeks and then embark on a six-month period of close monitoring.

With Martina and the medical staff optimistic she will walk again like normal, she told local media: “After all the hospital treatment, I’ll have to visit a nice spa for a while, whatever it takes for me to get back on my feet.”

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