Pretty Council Clerk Fired For Leaked Saucy Videos

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Video Credit: CEN/@soysweetmia

This pretty South American council worker who subsidised her meagre salary by posting saucy footage online has been fired.

Sonia Pellizzari, 28, who was an office worker dealing with admin issues in the Argentine municipality of La Plata, claimed that her salary was not enough and she had decided to subsidise it by selling online images and then later erotic videos.

The young woman said she had never made a secret of the fact that she used her free time to make videos which help subsidise her student fees, where she is studying education sciences, and her rent.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@soysweetmia

She has started working for the local council, which is in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires, in 2011 and had decided to move into modelling and making erotic videos in 2017.

She told local media: “I do not want to say how much I earn with the videos, but it is a lot. And I use it for paying the rent and other things”.

All of her colleagues apparently knew about it, but she was fired when the saucy videos and pics were made public.

She said she did not know who had posted the images saying: “Firstly, a video in which I was with a friend topless was leaked. We were naked but it was only a few seconds long. Then other videos appeared.”

Video Credit: CEN/@soysweetmia

She admitted that the other videos included sex scenes, but insisted it was wrong of the council to fire her.

She said: “I am not embarrassed about the videos, my family has known about what I’ve been doing right from the start, and my work colleagues to. I never hid it. But when the managers heard and one of the videos went viral, they got annoyed about it.” 

Council chiefs however have denied that the reason to fire her was because of the nature of the videos she was making.

They said the problem was that she was spending so much time at weekends and after work, that her work at the council was suffering.

They even allege that she had taken time off work, an allegation which she rejects.

She also rejected her she was a prostitute, saying that all the men that she had sex with on the videos were also professionals who had signed up to be recorded and to share the footage that was taken.

Ana Lacasa

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