Pretty Actress Shocked To Find Her Face On Tombstone

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A beautiful young actress was shocked to see her face featured on a tombstone put on display at an exhibition centre.

Russian actress Kristina Asmus, 31, made the discovery while visiting the Necropolis 2019 fair at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre in the western Russian capital Moscow.

After seeing her face etched onto a tombstone, Asmus said: “My family and I are in a state of deep shock over this situation. I need to go on stage and perform in a theatre play in half an hour and I have no idea how I can pull myself together.

Picture Credit: CEN/@asmuskristina

After news of the incident was shared online, Asmus said that she has been flooded with calls and messages from loved ones, adding: “I feel very down. I had to cancel several shoots yesterday and today.”

Thanks to her lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, the situation has since changed.

He reportedly spent the entire evening speaking with the organisers and has reached an agreement.

Picture Credit: CEN/@asmuskristina

Asmus and her family have received an official written and oral apology, according to local media.

The actress said: “As upsetting and nerve-wracking as it was, I have decided to not go to court to ask for compensation.

“I decided to believe them that it was just a misunderstanding. That is my motto in life, everyone is free to make a mistake, but the bottom line is to acknowledge it in time.”

Organisers said the only reason they used Asmus’ image was because they needed a high-resolution photo online and they found one of the actress which was perfect for the headstone.

Netizen ‘Doolov’ said: “Such a wise decision, and it is so rare for someone to think this way. You did everything right.”

‘IrenSaitova’ commented: “Don’t you worry, you have a long life ahead of you.”

Asmus is best known for her role in the medical sitcom ‘Interns’. She was named the sexiest Russian woman of 2010 by Maxim magazine.

She is married to popular Russian stand up comedian Garik Harlamov, 38, and together they have a five-year-old daughter called Anastasia.

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