Prettiest Flight Attendant Calls It Quits After 13 Yrs

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Taiwan’s ‘prettiest’ flight attendant has shocked fans by announcing she is calling it quits after carrying the crown for 13 years.

China Airlines globetrotter Christina Lin, 36, has been a member of the island’s flag carrier cabin crew since 2006.

Having gone around the world, Christina – known locally by her Mandarin name Pei-yao Lin – revealed to Asia Wire that some of her most memorable visits include a trip to Citi Field, home of the New York Mets baseball team.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire / Pei-yao Lin

She performed the patriotic song, The Plum Blossom, in front of a packed crowd for Taiwan Heritage Day on 12th September 2011.

News of her requirement from flying broke across the island following her announcement on 11th August, leaving her nearly 200,000 social media followers stunned.

Having made the decision just before her 37th birthday next month, Christina is now receiving an outpouring of congratulations and admiration online for her 13-year career as Taiwan’s ‘prettiest’ flight attendant – a title she has now vacated.

She shot to fame in the summer of 2007 after taking part in season 2 of the hugely popular Taiwanese singing competition One Million Star, which ran between 2007 and 2011.

Following the successful stint in entertainment, however, Christina ultimately decided to continue with her career with China Airlines.

Her decision to retire from flying comes with the support of family as well as her boyfriend, she wrote on social media.

She said in a post: “Being a flight attendant for 13 years was great. I was able to travel everywhere and earn a higher than average salary.

“But 13 years is enough. I worried I was limiting my personal growth by staying in the same comfortable job.

“I know I can be even better than I am now, and that’s why I’ve quit. It wasn’t easy leaving the safety of this job, but I don’t regret the decision.”

Christina admitted she has yet to plan what to do next.

She added: “I’m now taking a period of rest in order to let my body recover from all the long nights and different time zones.

“Thank you, everyone, for your support!”

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