Premature Tot Returns Home After COVID Near-Death Fight

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This cute one-year-old girl – who was born prematurely with a respiratory condition at 24 weeks – has returned home to her loving parents after a close-run battle with COVID-19.

Little Noa’s parents Victor Blanch and Gina Bou from the city of Amposta in the eastern Spanish region of Catalonia feared the worst when the one-year-old, who was born with a respiratory condition at 24 weeks, showed symptoms of COVID-19.

They took her to the Hospital Juan XXIII in the city of Tarragona and her condition quickly worsened, according to local media.

The tot was taken to the intensive care unit and she tested positive for the virus shortly after.

The father told local media: “I kissed my daughter like I was saying goodbye. With her lung condition, I only saw this as the worst.”

Victor and Gina also tested positive for COVID-19 and were isolated separately.

Victor said: “We could not hug each other, we were in different rooms.”

Meanwhile, little Noa was rushed to the intensive care unit of the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona where she spent the next two weeks battling the virus in isolation.

Her parents were informed of the transfer over the phone and Gina said: “The whole thing was very distressing.”

Luckily, Noa responded well to the treatment and she was transferred back to the Hospital Juan XXIII in Tarragona to continue her recovery.

Last week, the cute tot was released from hospital and her proud mum told local media: “She has encountered a lot of obstacles in life and has managed to pass all of them. If she can, anyone can.”

Gina told Newsflash that it was tough when she was told that her daughter was going to be intubated while also collecting her husband from hospital: “There was a mix of feelings that are difficult to describe.

“We were told that we could not be together, but he decided to throw away the face mask and embrace me as we needed each other.

“When she was in the intensive care unit, we called the hospital several times but we needed to wait.”·

The mother also said that “there is hope” after the disease.

In several videos sent to Newsflash by the parents, Noa is seen doing exercises with her mum and playing with the father at their home.

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Spain has registered 184,948 cases of COVID-19 and 19,315 related deaths.

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