Prankster Daughters Trick Japanese Dad Who Attends Important Work Meeting With Toy Laptop

A Japanese dad turned up for an important business meeting to discover that his business laptop had been replaced with a children’s toy by his prankster daughters.

The dad shared images of the toy laptop in his laptop case on Twitter where they have notched up over 500,000 likes in just a few days.

The dad, whose name has not been revealed, captioning the Tweet (in Japanese): “I arrived at work and collapsed to my knees. I was supposed to attend today’s meeting on this computer. Daughters, your father has something important to say tonight.”

The toy laptop that a father from Japan took to work on 18th August. (@zenryoku_tochan/Newsflash)

Netizens appeared to be highly amused, with many saying that they had laughed out loud upon seeing the images.

It also appears that the two daughters, who have not been named, appear to have escaped punishment, with the dad saying that he had decided not to punish them because netizens had enjoyed his tweet so much.

The laptop was a Sumikko Gurashi laptop designed by entertainment giant SEGA for children, and the manufacturer even reached out to the dad on Twitter to offer the family the latest model but they politely declined.

The toy laptop that a father from Japan took to work on 18th August. (@zenryoku_tochan/Newsflash)

Sumikko Gurashi laptops are designed as educational toys so kids can learn the Japanese language, maths and other important subjects.

It is not revealed if the laptop was of any use to the Japanese dad at his business meeting, or whether he managed to obtain a replacement machine to join in the discussion.