Poor COVID-19 Vics To Be Buried In Cardboard Coffins

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

The Ecuadorian authorities are set to receive 2,000 cardboard coffins for COVID-19 victims after relatives complained about burial costs.

The city council of Guayaquil in the western Ecuadorian province of Guayas announced on social media that they have received the first batch of 200 cardboard coffins out of a total of 2,000 ordered from the local Cardboard Association that will be used to bury COVID-19 victims.

The Guayaquil council said on Twitter: “We thank the Cardboard Association for giving us the first 200 of 2,000 cardboard coffins. They will be very usefully providing a decent burial for people who died during this health emergency.”

According to local media, numerous citizens have complained about the cost of coffins to bury their dead relatives.

The Guayaquil council said the first delivery of cardboard coffins is being stored at the local bus station before being sent to the cemeteries of Jardines de la Esperanza and Parques de la Paz.

Some cardboard coffins may be sent to the National Police as they are responsible for the collection of dead bodies at people’s homes, according to reports.

Netizen ‘Marlonolayaoch1’ wrote: “The Guayaquil council, which has so much money, humiliates people by offering cardboard coffins.”

Twitter user ‘YoSoyLaAssange’ said: “That is so that poor people do not forget their place in society. Cardboard coffins!”

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