POOL TRAGEDY: Parents In Shock After Baby Girl Drowns In Family Swimming Pool

A baby girl has drowned after she fell into the family swimming pool in Brazil.

The incident took place in the municipality of Cafelandia, in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, on Thursday, 12th January.

Samara Vitoria Amaro Ferreira Santana, who was just 17 months old, fell into the family swimming pool and drowned, despite her parents reportedly being at home at the time.

The Judiciary Police Center (CPJ) in Lins, also in Sao Paulo state, have opened an investigation into the baby girl’s tragic death.

At the time of writing, the child’s family, reportedly in a state of shock, had not yet given a statement to the police.

Lucivaldo Lima Santana, the victim’s father, said: “My love, god loves you very much, he will welcome you into his arms.”

The Municipal Board of Education of Cafelandia issued a statement conveying their condolences over little Samara’s death, saying: “It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Samara Vitoria Amaro Ferreira Santana, a student at Nursery II of the Creche Escola ‘Cecília de Castro Delafiori’.”

The Board added: “In this moment of pain, DME sympathises with all family, friends and servants and expresses the most sincere condolences for the irreparable loss.”

Samara’s body was reportedly buried late on Friday afternoon, on 13th January, at the Municipal Cemetery of Cafelandia.

The investigation is ongoing.