Pony Falls Into Shaft And Is Rescued With Crane

Story ByKoen BerghuisSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

A pony which fell into a concrete shaft has been rescued after firefighters managed to lift the unfortunate animal out with a crane.

The incident took place in the town of Petzenkirchen in the north-eastern Austrian state of Lower Austria when the pony named ‘Zwergi’ was walking around the area.

The pony apparently failed to watch its step and plunged into a shaft that it was unable to get out of.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@ff.petzenkirchen.bergland & CEN/FF Petzenkirchen

When Zwergi’s owner realised that her pony was stuck in the shaft, she immediately alerted the emergency services.

The fire brigade and a veterinarian rushed to the scene.

The vet sedated the pony to make sure it would not become too stressed during the rescue attempt as this could have caused it to have a heart attack.

Firefighters managed to secure Zwergi’s front legs to a crane and then slowly pulled the unfortunate horse out of the concrete shaft.

When Zwergi was finally pulled to safety, the vet checked it for possible injuries while firefighters cleaned it with water.

Luckily, Zwergi was unharmed despite being slightly shaken from its ordeal. The shaft’s purpose is unclear.

A fire brigade spokesman said: “After the veterinary inspection and care there were some carrots and bread for Zwergi for the pony’s excellent cooperation.”

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