Politician Caught On The L0o Doing A P0o During Zoom Meeting With Fellow Members Of Parliament

A conservative Mexican politician has been caught sitting on the loo apparently doing a number two during a Zoom meeting with fellow members of parliament.

Federico Doering, 50, is a Mexican politician who is affiliated with the conservative National Action Party (PAN), which is currently the second biggest in the country.

He is currently serving as the deputy, which is what MPs are called in Mexico, for the 15th Federal Electoral District in Mexico City, the country’s capital.

Federico Doring, the Mexican politician from Mexico City. (Newsflash)

Footage showing the embarrassing incident, was shared online, where it quickly went viral, according to local media reports.

It shows the politician and six other colleagues in a Zoom meeting.

Everything looks normal until Doering, who can be seen wearing a white shirt, suddenly turns the camera 90 degrees, laying it on its side, apparently believing that he was no longer visible to the other people in the meeting.

Federico Doring in bathroom during Zoom Congress session in New Mexico. (Newsflash)

But unbeknownst to him, his camera was still recording him, and he can be seen fumbling with some toilet paper before he appears to lift himself up slightly and place the toilet paper under his bottom.

It is at this point that it becomes clear that the man, who can be seen wearing a face mask and whose legs appear bare, had been sitting on a toilet all along.

The meeting reportedly involved members of the Joint Committee on Parliamentary Standards, Studies and Practices and the Commission for Administration and Law Enforcement.

Federico Doring in bathroom during Zoom Congress session in New Mexico. (Newsflash)

The politician has not commented on the incident, and it is currently unclear if he faces any disciplinary action.