Police Seize GBP 66,000 Of Hashish Sealed In Tins

Hashish sealed in tin cans with a street value of more than GBP 66,000 on the black market has been seized by customs in Germany.

Image shows tin cans with hashish concealed inside, undated photo. The drugs with an estimated value of EUR 75,440 (GBP 66,204) were seized in the city of Dortmund, North Rhine- Westphalia State, Germany. (Dortmund Main Customs Office/Newsflash)

Officers stumbled across the haul while they were checking suspicious postal deliveries at a sorting office in the city of Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia.

One shipment containing unlabelled cans was found to contain 8.2 kilogrammes (18 lbs) of the drug being sent to Denmark from Spain on 9th February.

Dortmund Main Customs Office spokesperson Andrea Muench said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “The hashish would have fetched a street value of EUR 75,440 [GBP 66,204].”

Police also found a second apparently unconnected package with more than seven kilogrammes (15 lbs) of cannabis sent from Spain to an address in Germany.

Experts say the cannabis would be worth more than EUR 69,300 (GBP 60,810) on the street.

Muench said: “The Essen Customs Investigation Office took over the further investigations in both cases.

“If there are substantiated indications of a criminal offence, customs is authorised to present the goods concerned to the public prosecutor for further criminal prosecution and a decision on confiscation of the consignment (Section 99 of the Code of Criminal Procedure).”