Police Chief And Wife Batter Two Men In Car Park

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This police chief has been suspended after CCTV footage showed him and his wife attacking two men in a car park and leaving one of them motionless on the ground after kicking his head.

The incident occurred in Hengyang City, Hunan Province in central China and was recorded by a CCTV camera and involved Shigu District Police Station deputy director Zhang Peng and his wife, Hengyang City Women’s Detention Centre Chief, Gong Linya.

In the video, Peng, dressed in a striped top and white trousers, can be seen punching a man on the ground in the face when a woman, reportedly his wife, appears to kick the man’s head.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The victim, named in reports as Mr He, then gets to his feet but Peng sending a powerful punch into his face, sending him crashing back to the ground.

Police chief Peng then begins kicking the victim’s head as onlookers gather around.

The aggressor then sends a powerful kick into the victim’s face, leaving him motionless on the ground as two women step in to stop the attack.

Peng then turns his aggression to another man, shoving the man after his wife slaps him.

Gaoxin District police station set up a team to investigate the incident and they have released a statement on claiming the victim in the video had kicked Peng’s wife before the incident in the clip.

They claim that He had been arguing with a seven-year-old girl who is a friend of the police couple’s son. The statement said He has beaten the girl and Linya had stopped him and asked him to apologise. 

The cops say He then kicked Linya before her husband arrived and fought him.

Peng has been suspended from his job until the investigation is finished.

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