Playboy Star Says Irish BF Berated Her For Feeding Birds

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Russian Playboy stunner Victoria Bonya has claimed that her Irish multimillionaire ex Alex Smurfit used to berate her in public for feeding the birds while dining.

The gorgeous UK-based model said on Instagram, where she boasts 6.2 million dedicated followers, that “I simply love to feed the birds, no matter where I am”.

The stunning 40-year-old added: “I think the habit stems from my childhood when my grandma used to call me to the garden so we could feed the ants.”


Old habits die hard and Bonya said her love for feeding animals led to frequent rows with her then partner Alex Smurfit, son of Irish multi-millionaire Sir Michael Smurfit, who she was with between 2010 and 2017. The pair shares a daughter together called Angeline Laeticia.

Bonya explained: “We would get into rows because I’d feed the birds during lunch or dinner. He would say ‘I am ashamed to sit next to you in a restaurant while you’re feeding birds’.”

She would argue that “birds need to eat too” and ask her former lover to “imagine that you’re a hungry bird approaching someone’s table who refuses to feed you”.


The Russian model said that she always tries to put herself in the animal’s position and is very loving and caring towards them.

Netizen ‘GrechkaSlache’ said: “You have a big heart.”

‘Inna770’ commented: “I do the same, and I always try to feed stray animals whenever I can too.”

‘Sne4ay’ wrote: “You are beautiful both inside and out. This is very rare these days.”

Last year, Bonya said that she decided to bring her seven-year-old daughter to the UK because she is an avid horse rider and Monaco, where they used to live, is not well set up for equestrian sports.

However, the yummy mummy promised her daughter that she would take her back to Monaco every other weekend.

Bonya, who calls herself a “full-time mum”, told Central European News (CEN): “I try to spend all my time with her so she can get used to her new surroundings quickly and feel at ease here.”

Meanwhile, the stunning model believes that British men are just like any other nationality in the world except they “simply have a British accent”.

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Anastasia Smirnova

I am a senior writer and correspondent with several years experience working as a contributor for various publications.