Playboy Model Blames Herself For Baby Brothers Death

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: CEN

The Playboy model ex-girlfriend of Irish tycoon Alex Smurfit has revealed that she blames herself for the tragic death of her younger brother who as a baby fell from a balcony after she left him to take a walk.

Victoria Bonya, 39, shared the heartbreaking and very personal story with her army of 6.3 million Instagram followers.

During a live chat, the Russian stunner said the little boy, whose name she did not reveal, died when he was just one year old and she was 12.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@victoriabonya

She said she had gone for a walk, leaving the toddler next to his sleeping mother even though he was awake, and that the tot had got bored and crawled to a balcony where he fell over the edge to his death.

Breaking down in tears, Bonya said: “This day has become the most terrible in my life.”

She said she had struggled to shake off the thought she could had saved her brother if only she had taken him for a walk with her.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@victoriabonya

The model said she blamed herself for more than a decade before dealing with the terrible guilt after talking to a priest.

Bonya’s online followers were quick to support her, saying the responsibility lay with the little boy’s mother, not his sister who was still a child herself at the time.

One commentator said: “Poor thing, I feel so bad for her”, while another added: “It is terrible to feel such pain throughout your entire life.”

Bonya was recently photographed at the 27th birthday party of football superstar Neymar who she described as her “best friend”.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@victoriabonya

She recently broke up with the French billionaire Pierre Andurand, 41, who she met at the Cannes Film Festival last May.

She was with Alex Smurfit, the son of Irish billionaire Sir Michael Smurfit, from 2010 to 2017 and they have a young daughter, Angelina, together.