Playboy Beauty Back After Jungle Vanishing Act

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Multimillionaire Alex Smurfit’s model ex Victoria Bonya has turned up after fans feared she had been “eaten by cannibals” in South America.

The gorgeous Russian Playboy model went to Peru to explore the Amazon jungles when she mysteriously disappeared from social media.

After three days, her army of 6.2 million Instagram followers began to worry that something must have happened to the pouty-lipped model.


Then, from out of nowhere, the 40-year-old’s account mysteriously disappeared from Instagram.

However, the blonde belter soon reassured fans that she was fine through the social media account of her pal Hofit Golan, an Israeli TV host and model.

She said: “Everything’s great! Did you miss me? I hear you have come up with a bunch of stories that I was eaten by cannibals.

“Then you thought that I had been infected with some sort of virus. Thank you for worrying for me.

“I will be back soon, I am simply taking a break from the outside world and enjoying the experience, knowledge, energy and power that I am receiving. I need to digest all of it. Love you to bits.”

According to reports, Bonya and Golan have since returned to London where the Russian stunner now lives.

The Playboy model decided to move from sunny Monaco to gloomy London for her daughter in an attempt to provide her with better education.

Bonya gave birth to her only child Angeline Laeticia when she was with Smurfit, son of Irish multi-millionaire Sir Michael Smurfit, from 2010 to 2017.

She decided to bring the seven-year-old to the UK because she is an avid horse rider and Monaco is not well set up for equestrian sports, according to Bonya.

The yummy mummy promised her daughter that she would take her back to Monaco every other weekend.

Bonya, who calls herself a “full-time mum”, told Central European News (CEN): “I try to spend all my time with her so she can get used to her new surroundings quickly and feel at ease here.”

Meanwhile, the stunning model believes that British men are just like any other nationality in the world except they “simply have a British accent”.

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