Plane Makes Emergency Landing With Missing Landing Gear

Story byAna LacasaSub-Editor:Joseph Golder,Agency:Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the dramatic moment a private jet makes an emergency landing with one of its wheels missing and it scrapes along the runway before coming to a stop in a cloud of smoke on the grass.

The incident took place at Toncontin International Airport in the southern Honduran capital Tegucigalpa.

The head of the Civil Aviation Authority, Wilfredo Lobo, said that the plane took off from the capital and was on its way to Belize City when pilot Jorge A. Portillo Rojas realised there was a problem with the landing gear and decided to return to the airport for an emergency landing.

According to reports, the pilot first circled Tegucigalpa to burn fuel and reduce the risk of a fire when carrying out the emergency landing with a damaged undercarriage.

He reportedly landed at 10.54am with three passengers on board, identified as David Ricardo Buenos Anduran, Victor Samuel Wilson and William Liston Pitman from the US.

All four men on board were uninjured, according to local media.

Firefighters and paramedics attended the scene and sprayed the plane with water to make sure that it did not catch fire.

In the dramatic footage, the small plane is seen touching down on the tarmac before it tilts to one side and the wing scrapes along the ground.

The plane then hits a grass verge and comes to a stop as someone in the background says: “Excellent, excellent!”

The emergency landing was filmed from several angles and footage also shows the moment an emergency vehicle douses the plane with water.

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Picture Credit: CEN

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