Pigeon Survives With Crossbow Bolt Through Neck

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This female pigeon has survived surgery after being found pierced through and through by a crossbow bolt with her partner watching over her to protect her from further harm.

A resident in the German city of Muenster in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia discovered the pigeon with a crossbow bolt that entered the back of her neck and protruded from her chest.

The team from the pigeon NGO ‘Stadttauben Muenster’ (‘Muenster City Pigeons’) was called to the scene.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@TierarztpraxisDanaStroese & CEN/@stadttaubenmuenster

An NGO spokesperson said: “We have seen quite a lot over the years, but this really stunned us and made us angry.

“The pigeon was flying around for several days with the bolt in her neck. Unfortunately she was very shy and could fly well.

“Fortunately, we knew that she slept on the balcony of a vacant residential building so we were able to catch her yesterday in the dark.”

Rescuers also reportedly found a male pigeon next to the injured bird, apparently watching over her.

The spokesperson said: “Her partner was right next to her and that’s why we also took him. Despite the late hour, we were able to go to Dana Stroese’s veterinary practice where an X-ray showed the full extent of the pigeon’s injury.”

Luckily, vets were able to remove the bolt during surgery without causing further damage and the bird has survived. She is currently recovering from her ordeal.

The spokesperson said: “Now the pigeon is recovering with her partner by her side.”

“The bolt comes from a crossbow, of course we have filed a complaint with the authorities.”

It is unclear whether the incident is being investigated by the police.

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