Petrol Station Hero Fights Off Thieves With Extinguisher

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a brave petrol station attendant fends off two bungling armed robbers using only a fire extinguisher before police arrive to arrest them.

Staff members Mr Luo and Ms E were the only two employees on duty when the suspects surnamed Wang and Su attempted the heist at the Taiwan Sugar Corporation filling station in Kaohsiung City’s Qianzhen District in south-western Taiwan.

Wang and Su, aged 21 and 16, arrived on a scooter wielding baseball bats and a meat cleaver, immediately setting off alarm bells in the Mr Luo, aged 28, and his coworker Ms E, aged 42.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The pair each grabbed a fire extinguisher and began spraying it in the general direction of the would-be robbers as they notified the police.

The commotion alerted nearby security guard Mr Yeh, aged 50, who can be seen holding a metal pole while involved in a stand-off with the two suspects.

As the two robbers approach Mr Yeh and threaten him with their weapons, Mr Luo suddenly appears and fends off the suspects by spraying his fire extinguisher in their faces.

Cleaver-wielding suspect Wang swings the blade at Mr Luo, cutting him on the head, but the brave petrol station attendant holds the crooks off long enough for the cops to arrive.

Qianzhen police said they arrested Wang at the scene and found the teenage suspect inside a taxi nearby.

Mr Luo suffered lacerations on his head, neck and arm, requiring seven stitches, while his coworker Ms E was struck on the arm with the bat.

Neither suffered any life-threatening injuries.

While the employees have been praised for their actions in defending the petrol station from their robbers, the state-run Taiwan Sugar Corporation has urged its staff members to prioritise their lives over the filling stations assets.

The corporation also known as ‘Taisugar’ revealed its security policy means no more than 10,000 TWD (246 GBP) in cash is ever kept at a petrol station at any given time.

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