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Pervert Posing As Inspector Zoom Bombs School Children

Story By: Les Steed, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A man has zoom bombed children with graphic pornography after masquerading as an Israeli Education Ministry inspector.

The man logged into a ninth-grade lesson and asked to sit in on the class, introducing himself to the teacher and the children as an observing inspector at the beginning of the class in Israel.

However, ten minutes into the lesson, the man spammed the class with pornographic material, shocking the class before the teacher took control and ended the session on Wednesday 30th September.


“Zoom bombing” – where perverts display porn or expose themselves to online gatherings like church services or online lessons, has been a problem internationally since coronavirus forced lessons online.

There were several high profile cases of the practice during church services over Easter, forcing the company to add more security to meetings.

Primary school lessons have been a major target of these attacks after they were forced online by the spread of COVID-19, with cases being reported in the UK and US as well as other countries.

Israel Teachers’ Union Chairwoman Yaffa Ben David, who has previously instructed teaching staff not to add strangers to Zoom classes, said: “We are in a very complicated period and the teaching staff’s work is becoming increasingly challenging by the day.


“In light of this incident, I will issue a reminder to school and preschool teachers to not add strangers to classes, including Education Ministry inspectors.”

The school reported the incident to the police and has provided them with an image of the man that was captured during the lesson.

An investigation is ongoing.

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