Pervert Arrested For Stealing Sweaty Rubber Work Boots

Story BySimon GloverSub Editor: Michael Leidig, AgencyAsia Wire Report

An alleged pervert has been arrested for stealing men’s sweaty rubber work boots from a poultry factory.

Cops nabbed Hiroyuki Kamio, 53, as he rode off on his bike with two pairs of rubber boots he had reportedly stolen from the plant in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo.

Kamio allegedly admitted what he had done, telling police officers: “I like working men’s boots.”

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Police were keeping an eye on the factory after a series of raids in which 12 pairs of rubber work boots had been stolen in recent weeks.

So when they spotted Kamio riding away from the factory in the early hours of the morning they stopped and searched him.

And he was arrested after the cops found two pairs of long rubber boots in his backpack.

They say he was caught on security cameras, wearing a blue jacket, hat and gloves, helping himself to the boots from the factory.

The incident, which happened in the Adachi area of Tokyo, has sparked a lively debate online.

One online user commented: “That’s quite a pervert right there”, while another added: “So did he like the smell? What else could it be?”

And another online commentator revealed: “I was thinking about selling my old boots online but I didn’t think anyone would want them.”

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