Perv Hypno Who Told Patient To Perform Sex Acts Walks

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This hypnotist who told a female patient to touch his penis and masturbate in front of him after convincing her that the pair of them were porn stars has walked free from court.

The scandal in which the 62-year-old hypnotist took advantage of his now 44-year-old patient was exposed when she started suffering bizarre nightmares involving sex.

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Her boyfriend was suspicious because these often seemed to happen after visits to the hypnotist Heinz-Werner Kaumanns.

The woman, identified only as Melanie F. to protect her identity, had insisted that the hypnotist was OK, but agreed after her boyfriend suggested it, to switch on her mobile phone and record what happened while she was under his influence.

The woman had started seeing the hypnotist to deal with psychological stress since around 2016. Apart from the nightmares, the sessions seem to be working, and she had only agreed to record them to prove that there was nothing wrong with what he had been doing.

The recording was made on September 29th 2017 using the audio recording app on her mobile phone, and she was so shocked when she played it back with her partner and heard what was going on, that she was violently sick.

In the recording the hypnotist can be reportedly heard telling her that both of them are world famous porn stars, and they are doing a rehearsal for the next shoot.

He is heard saying: “When you wake up, you will be very horny.”

He then orders her to show him her bottom, then she has to take hold of his penis and then he demands that she spread her legs and masturbate in front of him.

However, prosecutors were only able to charge him with sexual coercion because it was not clear from the sound clip whether the woman had been doing what he demanded.

During the court hearing, he apologised to his victim and admitted to saying the things that could be heard on the recording.

The court in the town of Erkelenz in the German Rhineland in front of Judge Stefan Meuters sentenced him to 22 months probation for the attempted manipulation because it was not possible to prove whether she had been doing what he was telling her to do.

The judge told him: “When a person goes to a hypnotist, they put themselves fully in his hands. The misuse of this trust weighs heavily against you.”

The court heard that after he lost his licence at the end of 2018, the man had opened up a veterinary surgery.

The public were prohibited from entering the hearing at the request of the defence counsel. The lawyer for the woman told the media that she had nothing further to add, that she was still suffering from the consequences of what had happened, and wanted to see the court case over so she could move on with her life.

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