Pedestrian Jumps Into Car Windscreen In Insurance Scam

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a drunk man jumps into the windscreen of a slow-moving car and slumps down the bonnet onto the ground in a suspected insurance scam.

The bizarre scenes were recorded by security cameras outside a shop in the city of Parana in the north central Argentina region of Entre Rios.

In the video, a man, reportedly drunk, can be seen stood next to a zebra crossing seemingly looking to cross the road.

However, as a white Volkswagen Fox approaches the man runs out in front of the vehicle and the driver slams on the breaks.

The driver stops in time but the man launches himself onto the car’s windscreen before slowly slumping down the bonnet and onto the ground.

He lies in a motionless heap in front of the car as an onlooker checks on him and other drivers make their past.

Local media report the man was drunk and had got off a bus before the incident.

The bizarre incident is believed to be an insurance scam according to local media and the owner of the shop where the CCTV footage was recorded told reporters he only found out about the incident the following day and he then checked the footage.

Shop owner Javier Santana said: “We could not believe it. We don’t know what happened, but we all agree the man jumped into the vehicle. In fact, it seems like he wanted to do the same thing with another vehicle beforehand but he did not do it as the vehicle was moving very fast.”

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Picture Credits: CEN

Police officers went to the scene and reports suggest the man in the video suffered light injuries and was taken to the local San Martin hospital.

The driver did not want to comment on the case and reports suggest he is thinking of filing a complaint against the pedestrian.

Julian Bevilaqcua, the Sub-Commissioner of the local police, told local media: “He said that he had jumped into the car due to an argument with his girlfriend. Later, he was not checked by doctors as he left the hospital and refused to be examined by the doctors.”

Investigators are trying to confirm if the pedestrian was trying to commit a scam or not.

Local media report that the pedestrian has not had a criminal complaint reported against him so far.

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