Pedestrian Cheats Death As Car Hits Bollards And Flips

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This is the jaw-dropping moment a car is left virtually undamaged after skidding into bollards at speed causing it to flip over onto its side after narrowly missing a terrified passerby.

The incident took place on a wet morning in the district of Bakirkoy in the north-western Turkish province of Istanbul and was filmed by a shop security camera.

In the footage, a woman is seen crossing the road as the driver of a white Renault loses control and skids side-on towards her.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The vehicle narrowly misses the pedestrian and careers into metal bollards outside the shop, flipping onto its side.

At the end of the footage, a crowd of bystanders gather to check on the driver before flipping the car back onto its four wheels.

According to reports, the speeding driver lost control due to the wet conditions on the road.

Meanwhile, shop owner Murat Isel has called on the local authorities to install speed bumps on the road as it is a hotspot for accidents.

He said: “The roads were wet on the morning of the accident, around 8am.

“A young woman just about escaped with her life. There are accidents here all the time. The council really should install speed bumps.

“Cars ended up flying into our shop on two occasions. We have had to renovate the place completely.”

While the police have confirmed that they are investigating the accident, it is unclear whether the Renault driver suffered any injuries.

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