Pastors Daughter Has Sex Rota For 3 Live-In Hubbies

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This pastor’s daughter has married three men and has a sex rota for her new live-in lovers – and now she is pregnant without knowing who the father is.

Thirty-six-year-old Ann Grace Aguti, from the Amugagara area of Ngora District in eastern Uganda, has made headlines in the country after marrying three men and living with all of them in a compound of huts.

The three husbands, named in reports as Michael Enyaku, John Peter Oluka, and Richard Alich, all live on the compound with her and retired cop Alich says their shared wife sets a “roster” for having sex with her.

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Alich said: “We have an agreement among ourselves and said that mummy (Aguti) is going to determine the (sex) roster and her decision is final.”

He said he met Aguti when he offered to help fix her bike and joked that he could become her husband too, saying “and then she gave me a hut”.

He added that “he has lived for close to one year without a problem” with his “co-husbands”.

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Aguti is reportedly six months pregnant but does not know who the father of the unborn child is.

She has reportedly previous had more husbands in the past who she kicked out of the compound for “indiscipline”. The wife says she was handed the land by her father Pastor Peter Ogwang after the breakdown of her first marriage.

Her dad is said to have tried to evict two of the husbands without success.

Aguti said she is looking for a special someone who she is yet to find as she is looking for a breadwinner but she says she has to buy the food for her three husbands.

She reportedly earns a living by selling boiled cow’s trotters and says she is looking to break from the local tradition of men being able to marry multiple wives but women not being able to do the same.

Local media report polyandry (a woman taking more than one husband at the same time) is thought of as an anomaly in Africa and not accepted in any of the continent’s countries.

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