Parents On Trial For Killing Son To Stop Him Harming Others

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

Turkish parents are on trial for killing their son to stop his life of crime after becoming convinced he would seriously harm others.

The lifeless body of 34-year-old Senol Rencber was found in a forest on the road to Kestel district in the Turkish province of Bursa on 14th March 2020.

The victim’s father Telat Rencber, 59 and his mother Ayse Rencber, 54, were arrested as the main suspects after investigators determined they had driven back and forth along the road where their son’s body was found on the day of the incident.


On that fateful day, Telat reportedly told his wife to buy some food for Senol and put sleeping pills in it. As they were driving home and having their meal in the car, an argument ensued between Senol and his father which soon turned into a physical fight, according to local media.

That is when Telat started hitting his son, even before the sleeping pills took effect.

The couple allegedly killed their son by hitting him on the head with a crowbar before taking a knife and stabbing him in the chest. They then strangled him with rope before leaving his body on the side of the road.

According to local media portal Sozcu, the victim’s body was torn apart by animals by the time it was found.

In her initial statement, mother Ayse Rencber said: “My son was addicted to drugs. Once he tried to rape me by forcing me to take drugs.”


The deceased’s father Telat Rencber said: “I did not intend to kill my son. I left my son on the roadside when he was injured. I thought that someone would find him and take him to the hospital. I regret it.”

In the indictment prepared by public prosecutors, Telat said he regretted killing his son but did so because he believed he would harm others.

The victim, who was married and a father of one, had a long criminal record for sexual harassment, drug use, deliberate injury, and deprivation of liberty, according to local media.

The couple, accompanied by their lawyers, recently attended another hearing at the 15th High Criminal Court of Bursa through the Audio and Video Information System (SEGBIS).


In his statement, Ayse Rencber’s defence lawyer Harun Tektas stated that the death occurred due to a brain haemorrhage and a wound to the heart, and that the drug given to the deceased did not cause death so the mother should be acquitted.

Deciding on the release of Ayse Rencber, the court adjourned by requesting a top report on whether the sleeping pills had a role in the victim’s death.

The case is ongoing.

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